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Barbados [standard | high resolution]

Barbuda  [standard | high resolution]

Belize  [standard | high resolution]

Bermuda  [standard | high resolution]

 Brazil  [standard | high resolution]

British Virgin Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Cayman Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Chile  [standard | high resolution]

Ecuador  [standard | high resolution]

Colombia  [standard | high resolution]

Costa Rica  [standard | high resolution]

Cuba  [standard | high resolution]

Dominica  [standard | high resolution]

Dominican Republic  [standard | high resolution]

Grenada  [standard | high resolution]

Guadeloupe  [standard | high resolution]

Haiti  [standard | high resolution]

Honduras  [standard | high resolution]

Jamaica  [standard | high resolution]

Martinique  [standard | high resolution]

Mexico  [standard | high resolution]

Montserrat  [standard | high resolution]

Netherlands Antilles  [standard | high resolution]

Nicaragua  [standard | high resolution]

Panama  [standard | high resolution]

Puerto Rico  [standard | high resolution]

St. Kitts-Nevis  [standard | high resolution]

St. Lucia  [standard | high resolution]

St. Barthelemy  [standard | high resolution]

St. Martin  [standard | high resolution]

St. Vincent  [standard | high resolution]

trinidad Tobago  [standard | high resolution]

Turks and Caicos Island  [standard | high resolution]

US Virgin Islands  [standard | high resolution]

USA  [standard | high resolution]

Venezuela  [standard | high resolution]

West Africa  [standard | high resolution]

Top Coral Reef News
Mexico launches pioneering scheme to insure its coral reef
A stretch of coral reef off Mexico is the testing ground for a new idea that could protect fragile environments around the world: insurance. The reef, off the coast of Cancún, is the first to be protected under an insurance scheme by which the premiums ... more info

A Coral Reef Gets an Insurance Policy of Its Own
In the waters off Mexico’s Caribbean coast, an insurance giant is about to test a new line of business, one designed to outperform governments in preparing for climate change—and create a fresh source of revenue. Swiss Re AG is preparing a policy for a ... more info

High diversity on coral reefs—a very big game of rock-paper-scissors
Competition among corals for light and space: Acropora hyacinthus (center bottom to upper left) with damaged edge partially surrounding Platygyra daedalea (center), at Sesoko-jima, Okinawa, Japan. Credit: Macquarie University For a long time, scientists ... more info

Saving the Reefs with Oris and the Aquis Staghorn Restoration Limited Edition
The watch industry is a fascinating one, and most of the time it exists within a vacuum. But when the industry stands up and makes a real difference in the world at large, that’s when things become truly special. A recent press trip I was lucky enough to ... more info

World Heritage Coral Reefs Likely To Disappear By 2100 Unless CO2 Emissions Reduce Drastically
During my six years with UNESCO’s World Heritage Marine Programme, I have had the privilege of visiting some of the world’s most beloved ocean places, including Gulf of California, Lagoons of New Caledonia, Belize Barrier Reef, Coiba National Park ... more info

Oil impairs ability of coral reef fish to find homes and evade predators
Just as one too many cocktails can lead a person to make bad choices, a few drops of oil can cause coral reef fish to make poor decisions. Oil impacts the higher-order thinking of coral reef fish in a way that could prove dangerous for them -- and for the ... more info

New Documentary Highlights The Beauty Of Coral Reefs — And The Perils They Face
A new documentary came out on Netflix last week. It’s called "Chasing Coral," and it looks at the impact of coral bleaching on reefs. Dr. Mark Eakin runs the Coral Reef Watch program for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and he served ... more info

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