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North Yemen  [standard | high resolution]

Philippines  [standard | high resolution]

Qatar  [standard | high resolution]

Réunion  [standard | high resolution]

Saudi Arabia  [standard | high resolution]

Seychelles  [standard | high resolution]

Singapore  [standard | high resolution]

Somalia  [standard | high resolution]

South Africa  [standard | high resolution]

Sri Lanka  [standard | high resolution]

Sudan  [standard | high resolution]

Sultanate of Oman  [standard | high resolution]

Tanzania  [standard | high resolution]

Thailand  [standard | high resolution]

United Arab Emirates  [standard | high resolution]

Top Coral Reef News
More oyster reefs could help fight erosion on Texas coast
GALVESTON, Texas (AP) — The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department in the past 10 years has built more than 400 acres of oyster reef off the coast — multimillion dollar projects intended to jump start the harvest of oysters, particularly after hurricanes ... more info

Coral reefs 'at make or break point', UN environment head says
The battle to save the world’s coral reefs is at “make or break point”, and countries that host them have a special responsibility to take a leadership role by limiting greenhouse gas emissions, plastic pollution and impacts from agriculture, the ... more info

Bleaching Is Hitting Coral Reefs Faster Than Ever
Forty years ago, the world’s coral reefs faced a known risk: every 25 or 30 years, ocean temperatures would rise to intolerable levels. Corals would minimise the risk of death by everting the algae with which they lived in symbiotic partnership: that is ... more info

Fiji PM: 'We are losing the battle' to save coral reefs
Savusavu, Fiji - Coral reefs that sustain about one billion people worldwide will be gone by the end of the century unless urgent international action is taken to mitigate climate change, scientists say. The world is at a "make or break point" when it ... more info

How climate change is starving our coral reefs
In 2009, Julia Baum began studying the effects that fishing practices have on coral reefs in Kiritimati, a roughly 150-square-mile coral atoll in the Pacific. When she went back to the island in 2016, Baum was greeted by a starkly different sight: She ... more info

Yes, Texas has coral reefs - and they deserve protection
Many Texans probably imagine that beautiful coral reefs remain the exclusive province of isolated Pacific islands and Carnival Cruise destinations in the Caribbean. But around 100 miles off the Texas and Louisiana coast rests a colorful home of sponges ... more info

World’s Coral Reefs Reaching The Point Of No Return
The vast majority of the world’s coral reefs are now reaching the point of no return — the point at which it wouldn’t even theoretically be possible to save them from disappearing completely (some argue that this point has long since been passed, it ... more info

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