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South Africa  [standard | high resolution]

Sri Lanka  [standard | high resolution]

Sudan  [standard | high resolution]

Sultanate of Oman  [standard | high resolution]

Tanzania  [standard | high resolution]

Thailand  [standard | high resolution]

United Arab Emirates  [standard | high resolution]

Top Coral Reef News
Western rallies past Coral Reef and into school's first softball state final | Video
Sydney Pappas scored the tying run in the fifth inning on a passed ball and Johanna Urso scored the go-ahead run on a throwing error in the bottom of the sixth inning as the Wildcats rallied to defeat Coral Reef 2-1 in the Class 9A semifinals Wednesday ... more info

Only 'one per cent' of Japan’s biggest coral reef is in a healthy condition due to climate change
It has long been famed as a subtropical paradise, with more than 400 different types of coral living beneath crystal clear waters in a far-flung corner of southern Japan. Today, however, the future of Sekisei Lagoon – Japan’s largest coral reef – is ... more info

Battered By Bleaching, Florida's Coral Reefs Now Face Mysterious Disease
At Mote Marine Lab's Center for Coral Reef Research and Restoration in the Florida Keys, Joey Mandara is like a baby sitter. But instead of children he tends to thousands of baby corals, growing in large, shallow tanks called raceways. Mote has been doing ... more info

How Coral Reefs Became ‘Zombie Ecosystems’
Coral reef ecosystems are of a significant importance to society, with billions of people relying on them for protection against weather events, for the provision of protein sources, and for economic survival tied to fisheries, eco-tourism, and surfing. more info

Only 1 pct of Japan's biggest coral reef healthy: survey
Japan's biggest coral reef has not recovered from bleaching due to rising sea temperatures, with only one percent of the reef in a healthy condition, according to a government study. The overall volume of coral in Sekisei Lagoon in southwestern Japan near ... more info

Rigs-to-Reefs: Giving Oil Platforms a Second Life for Conservation
Projects to convert retired oil rigs into artificial reefs are controversial. But advocates and consultants Emily Jackson and Amber Callahan argue this practice provides valuable habitat at a time when natural coral reefs are disappearing. After they stop ... more info

From Constellation to Coral Reefs
Coral reefs are essential for humanity. They provide food and income benefitting 500 million people every day. More than a quarter of all marine species spend at least some part of their life cycle in coral reefs, including species crucial to commercial ... more info

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