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Sri Lanka  [standard | high resolution]

Sudan  [standard | high resolution]

Sultanate of Oman  [standard | high resolution]

Tanzania  [standard | high resolution]

Thailand  [standard | high resolution]

United Arab Emirates  [standard | high resolution]

Top Coral Reef News
Rising sea levels may build, rather than destroy, coral reef islands
Rising global sea levels may actually be beneficial to the long-term future of coral reef islands, such as the Maldives, according to new research published in Geophysical Research Letters. more info

Florida coral reefs are integral to medicine but plagued by disease
Florida’s coral reefs are dying, and that’s not a good thing for us. “We’re going to lose our tourism. We’re going to lose our fisheries,” explained Zachary Craig who is a coral restoration technician ... more info

Giving coral reefs a second chance
With the help of collaborative efforts between UC Davis, Mars Symbioscience, Hasanuddin University and Indonesian scientists, coral reefs in Indonesia that were once destroyed by blast fishing have sh... more info

Lots and lots of time is key to coral reef diversity
One of the world’s premier coral reef diving destinations owes its reputation as a hot spot of marine biodiversity to being undisturbed over millions of years, according to a new study. But human impa... more info

Rising seas might mean more coral reef islands — if we don’t murder all the corals
There might be a silver lining to sea level rise — emphasis on ‘might’. “Coral reef islands are typically believed to be highly vulnerable to rising sea levels. This is a major concern for coral reef ... more info

This Leading Coral Reef Research Centre Has Been Turned Down For Future Funding And Scientists Are Confused
A research institute for coral reefs has been turned down for future funding by the Australian Research Council (ARC), leaving international environmental scientists confused and disappointed. The ARC ... more info

Escape responses of coral reef fish obey simple behavioral rules
In a wide range of coral reef fish species, a sequence of well-defined decision rules generate evasion behavior to escape a perceived threat. Credit: Stella Hein The escape response to evade ... more info

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