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American Samoa [standard | high resolution]

Australia, Eastern  [standard | high resolution]

Belau [standard | high resolution]

China [standard | high resolution]

Cook Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Federated States of Micronesia [standard | high resolution]

Fiji  [standard | high resolution]

 French Polynesia  [standard | high resolution]

Guam  [standard | high resolution]

Hawaii  [standard | high resolution]

Hong Kong  [standard | high resolution]

Japan  [standard | high resolution]

Kiribati  [standard | high resolution]

Marshall Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Nauru  [standard | high resolution]

New Caledonia  [standard | high resolution]

Niue  [standard | high resolution]

Northern Mariana Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Papua New Guinea  [standard | high resolution]

Pitcairn Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Solomon Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Taiwan  [standard | high resolution]

Tokelau  [standard | high resolution]

Tonga  [standard | high resolution]

Tuvalu  [standard | high resolution]

Vanuatu  [standard | high resolution]

Wallis and Futuna  [standard | high resolution]

Western Samoa  [standard | high resolution]

Top Coral Reef News
Is Your Sunscreen Harming Coral Reefs?
A single study was the main catalyst for recent sunscreen ingredient bans, yet the science community is still debating those ingredients' effects on coral reefs—and even on sunscreen users. (Photos: ... more info

Earth Day: Saving our Reefs from invasive Lionfish
The Lionfish have invaded the Caribbean and they have no natural predators. They are not native to the area and they are devouring our reefs. I went to a summit at the DEMA conference in November ... more info

Scientists Monitor Coral Reef Ecosystems Throughout the Hawaiian Archipelago
On April 20th, Pacific Islands research scientists embark on the first leg of a 48-day field season to study coral reef ecosystems across the Hawaiian Islands. Our scientists and managers depend on ... more info

New eDNA technology used to quickly assess coral reefs
Scientists at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Department of Biology have developed a technique for measuring the amount of living coral on a reef by analyzing DNA in small samples of seawater. The ... more info

Employing 3-D coral reef remote sensing to predict fish biomass
Coral reefs offer many tropical fish a vibrantly encrusted locale of refuge – a respite from the intense pressures of the sea – providing an opportunity for protection, nutrition and even ... more info

Diel population and functional synchrony of microbial communities on coral reefs
Marine microbes generally demonstrate similar community profiles during the day and night. Previous studies from the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre 36, the English Channel 37, and Monterey Bay 38 all ... more info

Building a legacy: New foundation seeks to replant, replenish coral reefs globally
KAILUA-KONA — Seven years ago, Bill Coney came up with an idea. Back then, the concept was simple. A business consultant and avid diver who’d grown up in Hawaii saw the coral reefs of his youth ... more info

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