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American Samoa [standard | high resolution]

Australia, Eastern  [standard | high resolution]

Belau [standard | high resolution]

China [standard | high resolution]

Cook Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Federated States of Micronesia [standard | high resolution]

Fiji  [standard | high resolution]

 French Polynesia  [standard | high resolution]

Guam  [standard | high resolution]

Hawaii  [standard | high resolution]

Hong Kong  [standard | high resolution]

Japan  [standard | high resolution]

Kiribati  [standard | high resolution]

Marshall Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Nauru  [standard | high resolution]

New Caledonia  [standard | high resolution]

Niue  [standard | high resolution]

Northern Mariana Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Papua New Guinea  [standard | high resolution]

Pitcairn Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Solomon Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Taiwan  [standard | high resolution]

Tokelau  [standard | high resolution]

Tonga  [standard | high resolution]

Tuvalu  [standard | high resolution]

Vanuatu  [standard | high resolution]

Wallis and Futuna  [standard | high resolution]

Western Samoa  [standard | high resolution]

Top Coral Reef News
This flawless buttercream cake looks like a coral reef — and it's mesmerizing the internet
Pastry chef Etta Piazzolla recently went viral after sharing a photo of a "buttercream coral reef" cake on Reddit with the simple caption: "I think I nailed it." The photo quickly caught the attention of hundreds of people, who complimented its beautiful ... more info

Half of the Great Barrier Reef has died since 2016 — here's what happens if all coral reefs on Earth die off
Since 2016, coral bleaching events have killed off approximately half of the Great Barrier Reef, the largest and most extensive reef system in the world. The heat and acidity devastating the Great Barrier Reef are killing other corals around the globe. more info

As coral reefs disappear, some tropical fish might just keep swimming
The future looks grim for coral reefs. Warmer oceans, overfishing, pollution, and gradually acidifying waters have destroyed more than a third of the world’s shallow tropical coral reefs. Just this week, a new report said that Australia’s Great Barrier ... more info

New York's Tappan Zee Bridge to be used to create artificial reefs
A bridge that used to be the cause of headaches for commuters in the New York region will soon have a new life to help foster marine life. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday that nearly 50,000 cubic yards of de-contaminated materials from the ... more info

New study says mankind has permanently messed up the ocean’s coral reefs
If the ocean’s coral reefs have one arch enemy, it’s definitely humans. We’ve altered the Earth’s climate enough that ocean warming is killing off huge sections of reef and impacting the ocean ecosystem as a result, and on top of that we can’t ... more info

Hawaii Bill Will Ban Sunscreens That Harm Reefs
Certain sunscreens may soon be banned in Hawaii because of the harmful effects they have on the islands' reefs. Senate Bill 2571 would ban the sale and distribution of any sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate, which scientists say damage reefs. more info

Heat waves are roasting reefs, but some corals may be resilient
It’s no secret that warming ocean waters have devastated many of the world’s coral reefs. For instance, a 2016 marine heat wave killed 30 percent of coral in the Great Barrier Reef, a study published online April 18 in Nature reports. But some coral ... more info

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